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New post on my site, it has a chart!…
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3 all new behind the scenes videos for Chip Lancer, check em out!…
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2 Welcome to Normality bonus features and a making of video for my new series Chip Lancer.
Also if you are wanting more you should check out my Patreon!…
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Check it!
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This ones about fan art and tattoos! Wow!
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Its gonna say CONFORM going down my arm, but in a fictional language... can you guess which one?
also itll be in the style of a crop circle pattern.
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Visual Log 102916 to be up by the end of the day!
Also I created my own holiday (created might be a strong word) I reworked an existing collection of the same holiday into a new version of it... I rebooted Halloween okay.
Inspired mostly by Samhain with a little bit of flare and darkness.
More on this to come on Oct 31st!
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Goin to Harrison Memorial in about 30minutes to have our twins forcibly cut from me wifes belly. Be stuck in the hospital til Monday!
On the plus side, that will complete all the video I need for my montage im doin for my next visual log so expect that by the end of the week.
since I haven't gotten to do all that much on projects I got a coverage over a variety of things like... babies, house stuff, jumping on the trampoline, walking dead day, etc.
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Ive written all the stories that'll appear in Oyashiro Café Book 1.
I also have basic write ups of some more stories to come in future issues, heres the line-up of stories for Book 1
"Time to Go", "Catch a Predator Pts 1-3", "Purgatory of the Fathers Pts 1-5", "The Note", "49 & 50", "YOU TOOK HIM FROM ME!"
Book 1 will also include exclusive access to an animated short titled "VELOCITY RAPTOR Pt 1"
Future stories in future issues include these titles
Further adventures for...
VELOCITY RAPTOR, Catch a Predator, Purgatory of the Fathers
And new stories such as
Wander, But I Killed Her, Mustard the Chameleon Must Die, DRAW, The Exchange, An Isolated Terror, Kaiju Hunters, Fear Itself, Untitled Space Opera
If this list of titles tells you anything, it should tell you just how much shit is constantly going through my head. Ive constantly got all these stories tossing around in my head... along with my other stories like WtN, IoHs, TFoL, the Irish Horror Trilogy... jayzuz chroist mayte, no wonder I have nightmares every night.
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That's right! Im now selling signed copies of Intervals of Horrible Sanity!
Check it out!…

Also after lots of communication I finally got my scarf and tattoo gun frame in the mail, still waiting on the vest.
The golden tattoo gun I had was aluminum and the part you tighten to keep everything in place got stripped cuz it was built onto the aluminum frame.... making the whole thing useless and unfixable.
This new green one is steel, and the twist part is a completely separate piece! So if the screw strips here I can always fix it and replace the little grip.
I SAW IT!!!!!
Holy fucking shieeeeeet guys im so excited for this game, and this leaked footage only made more excited!
theres a short vid of this guy who paid almost $2000 for an early copy of the game from ebay from some guy who works at a retailer... the vid is just him starting the game up which is pretty cool. THEN theres another 26min vid of him fighting sentinels and finding creatures and caves and figuring out how the survival and mining systems all intertwine and just... holy fuck its better than expected. The vids are getting taken down left and right but you know... its the internet.
I immediately downloaded the 26min vid the moment I saw an unblocked vid pop up, so I have plenty of study material to get me ready for when the game comes out on the 9th.
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The script for The Freaks of LampCord is about 85%-90% complete! Just one more scene to write, and then a possible epilogue. Also recorded the lines already for TWO characters voiced by Klaus tehKurios and Spooktergeist! Feels good to finally be making progress with this film.
Also... I saw the Ghostbusters reboot. My opinion? I thought it was pretty great.
Firstly if you're not an SNL fan or a Paul Feig, Fieg, Fegg??? fan... you probably wont like it. A lot of "reviewers" are being really thick headed about this movie, ive noticed a trend of complaints about it being a highly SNL oriented comedy style and cast. Then they go off and stroke the original GB like its some golden chode... like they don't even know that MOST of the original GB cast got their start on SNL, just the same as this new movies cast did. So, if you're gonna complain about that, you're just stroking the same chode while rubbing salt and fire ants all over it.
Like I said, if you don't like Pauls style of comedy then why are you even trying to watch it? You know you're not going to like it from the start... Anywhich, if you DO find his other movies to be funny then yeah, you'll probably be laughing your ass off throughout this movie, I did. I fucking LOVE his style of comedy.
Also theres a lot of complaints about the use of CGI for the ghosts... I really don't know why. "Myehhh, the ghosts don't look real" FUCKING REALLY!?! You don't fucking say! What were they supposed to do, go out and catch real ghosts and put them in the movie? I really don't get why theres so much hate for the use of CGI, (this is coming from me, a guy who does stopmotion), if you wanted the ghosts to look "real" then go watch a documentary. Personally im in to seeing what kind of cool ass monster ghosts they can pull off AND HOLY SHIT THERES A LOT OF NEAT GHOSTS. No spoilers, but gawd damn they go all out.
I did love the movie but im not about to ignore its flaws, ill list a few that may sway you out of watching it, whether you like it or not doesn't effect me. Your opinion isn't going to change mine so heres the negative aspects about it. (in my opinion)
1. Acquired taste. (already mentioned signature Paul comedy)
2. I know its just a reboot, but it really felt like Star Wars Episode 7 all over again. New cast, new generation... same old story.
4. Just a nitpicky one, but I really wished the original ECTO-1 siren was used, didn't too much care for the new version of it. Oh well.
5. The female slimer... Not much of a spoiler, but in this movie, Slimer returns! Awesomely he has a cool role to play toward the end too, but for no reason at all they threw in a female slimer girlfriend for him, which is cute and all as an idea but really served no purpose and had way too much screen time. It felt out of place, like when a movie is made in 3D and then throws stupid random shit at the camera for no good reason other than "this would look cool in 3D" *cough* Fury Road's bungee guitar and steering wheel scene *cough*.

Other than those small nitpick things, I really, really liked this movie and I think that everyone should give it a chance... unless ofcourse you haven't liked ANY of Paul Feig's previous movies.
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